Danny Boy!

So, looking forward to Series Eight, we’ve gone from THIS

doctor capaldi and clara 2014

Doctor Capaldi and Clara, to THIS

doctor capaldi danny and clara series eight

Doctor Capaldi, Danny and Clara. Hmmm…

first reaction to this was that The Moff was going right back to 1963 for 2014’s Who with Danny and Clara being the new Ian and Barbara. Still not entirely sold on them both being teachers at Coal Hill unless Moffat has an end of series cameo from William Russell planned… place the Fangasmatron on Yellow Alert, just in case!

And still don’t get how Ian couldn’t find Totters Lane in the fog, if, as Day of The Doctor indicates, it’s right next door to the school. Surely Babs would have said something. So I reckon that could well be a plot point, that somebody has moved the yard closer to the school. Either that or it’s going to be like Amy Pond’s Staircase and just stay unexplained…

Either way, the more I think about it the less I think Danny and Clara are the new Ian and Barbara. I doubt they’ll be Amy and Rory either, as we’ve already had that relationship in the show and why would they just repeat themselves.No, I reckon Moffat’s cunning plan is to have the one companion relationship we’ve not had yet in New Who, and that we haven’t had since the Classic Series. My money is on Danny and Clara being the new Sarah and Harry…

Doctor Who Sarah Jane and Harry


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4 responses to “Danny Boy!

  1. Sean

    I don’t think Totters Lane is next door to the school. All we saw was a sign pointing in the direction of it.

    And what’s so important about Amy’s staircase? It doesn’t go anywhere because it’s a television set!

  2. If Ian Chersterton is the current school governor perhaps he salvaged the sign and placed it on the wall nxt to the school as a memento to his former yrs as a time travelling school teacher! maybe the junkyard no longer exists in Totter’s lane. Also, I always thought Rose & Mickey were the new Sarah & Harry.

  3. pelham cort

    or danny and clara are the new jamie and victoria/zoe.
    Frazer Hines and Patrick troughton were fun pranksters during their time on doctor who(example in episode 3 of the invasion with the elavator scene with “kilroy was here’. that was placed by frazer and patrick). so danny and peter might be the new pranksters during rehearsals.

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