Terry Molloy reads Genesis of the Daleks!

Just found out that Tarry Molloy has read Genesis as an audiobook for the RNIB.

You can find the book HERE but, before all you Molloy fans get too excited, you have to subscribe to the RNIB book club to be able to get it and that costs £50.

Terry Molloy Genesis Daleks RNIB Audiobook

Personally I think Molloy makes a terrible Davros so I have no interest in listening to this but, if you like Molloy’s sibilant portrayal and can afford the £50 this might be worth getting. And you would be supporting audiobooks for the blind and the RNIB, which is a very worthwhile cause indeed.

Genesis of the Daleks Audiobook Terry Molloy


One thought on “Terry Molloy reads Genesis of the Daleks!

  1. You know, I had the BBC audiobook version of this since the year dot. I’ve heard it backwards and forwards and could quote it verbatim. Yet I’ve only just realised that the very first words in it are erroneous! Tom Baker reads “I stepped from the TARDIS onto a bleak planet.” Well he didn’t get there by TARDIS. Within three sentences he’s contradicted himself going on about transmat beams and the Timelord is talking about time rings returning him to the TARDIS.

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