BLOOPERS! – The Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors marks the first appearance of the titular enemies, given a not entirely successful upgrade in S7`s Cold War IMHO. The recent DVD release has given me the chance to not only update the Fan Edit of the story but to do a proper blooper hunt!

Originally I could only find 4 in the rather ropey VHS edition, let’s see how many more the clarity of VidFIRE reveals…

Here’s the first one, the edge of the camera taking the close up of Clent creeping into shot…

ice warriors blooper 1

As they trundle Varga [did the Daleks name their flesh-eating plants after him? Varga/Vaaga – maybe he’s a Martian Alan Titchmarsh!] down the corridor, you can spot the not very well hidden microphone halfway down the corridor to pick up Arden’s dialogue as he passes by…

ice warriors blooper 2

Here you can see that Varga’s claw is really just a rubber glove…

ice warriors blooper 4

Not entirely sure of this next one is really a blooper or not, but when old Icey turn to camera, the split in his armour is made rather obvious…

ice warriors blooper 3

…quite apart from the fact that his head is completely different!
Skipping the two animated episodes, we come to part four and, although it’s not terribly clear on this screengrab, there is a boom mic shadow bouncing across Penley’s jacket….

ice warriors blooper 5

and here’s another one, it’s very quick but it goes right over Victoria`s head to catch her dialogue…

ice warriors blooper 6

and if you look closely during this scene, you can see the shadow moving across the stove top…

ice warriors blooper 7

Thanks to VidFIRE, we can now see that there isn’t a skinny little lizard inside an Ice Warrior after all, it’s a bloke. And I reckon Bernie B deserves a round of applause for managing to make that rubber mouth move at all, bet he had a sore jaw at the end of the studio day…
ice warriors blooper 8

It looks like the Ice Warrior ship could do with a spot of redecoration…
ice warriors blooper 9

In this shot, you can see the inside of Varga’s costume,. I mean armour…
ice warriors blooper 10

and here, you can see the join on Clent’s wig. Why the hell didn’t they just let Peter Barkworth use his own hair?
ice warriors blooper 11

This looks like the reflection of a low hanging studio light, and just above it, there’s that hole in the screen again…
ice warriors blooper 12

Britannicus Base technology isn’t so advanced that it doesn’t need plugged in…
ice warriors blooper 13

that wig still needs stuck down…
ice warriors blooper 14

we haven’t had a boom shadow for ages… oh look, there’s one!
ice warriors blooper 15

that shadow on Clent’s back is the camera he’s too close to…
ice warriors blooper 16

there’s those studio lights again, and also if you look, just below them you can make out one of the studio cameras!
ice warriors blooper 17

Now we all know that the original Ice Warrior helmets were way too big and a bit crap, well a lot crap. And it can’t have been fun balancing that bloody thing on yer head, but did you ever wonder how the poor bugger wearing it was meant to see out? Here’s your answer!
ice warriors blooper 18

Look closely at this next one – is it me, or is Miss Garret flashing her knickers?
ice warriors blooper 19

and how about a nice boom shadow to finish?
ice warriors blooper 20

So, five times as many bloopers spotted as last time, and who knows how many more we would have if there weren’t two episodes missing!


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