Dr Who Meets Mackintosh

peter capaldi charles rennie mackintosh

Following yesterday’s disastrous fire at The Glasgow School of Art, I remembered a story idea I’d had not long after Capaldi was cast. It’s well known that he is a former GSoA pupil, so why not have a Doctor Who “celebrity historical” story where Twelvy and Clara meet Charles Rennie Mackintosh? I loved the idea of showing off the interior of that wonderful building to a worldwide TV audience. And the notion of the Tardis outside the GSoA…

glasgow school of art tardis

The fire is pretty much Scotland’s equivalent of the fire at Windsor Castle, although on a much smaller scale than at first feared. Nevertheless the loss of the GSoA library is terrible news. Of course setting a Dr Who story there now would have to include the “real” explanation of how the fire started.

peter capaldi glasgow school of art doctor who

Despite the sadness of the fire destroying the library [that’s what’s in these mockups] I’d still love to see a story set at the Art School with Twelvy meeting Rennie Mackintosh. As a former pupil I can’t imagine that Capaldi hasn’t mentioned the idea to The Moff and I can just imagine Clara not knowing who he is and thinking he’s a sort of Victorian Frank Zappa…

charles rennie mackintosh frank zappa

I think a GSoA-set story would still be a great idea and could be a “Vincent And The Doctor” type tribute to a man whose work is still loved and admired around the world to this day. Season Nine maybe?

doctor who glasgow school of art


You can give to the Mackintosh Building Fire Fund HERE


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