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Doctor Bowie?

According to an article in today’s Sunday Express, Capaldi based Twelvy’s look on David Bowie’s Thin White Duke look.  I always thought the buttoned up shirt was a bit more Charles Saatchi The Celebrity Burd Strangler. Or maybe even early Dr Jon, but Bowie? Well, Capaldi was an Art Student at the fire-hit GSoA, so going to see Bowie at the Apollo is exactly the kind of thing you can see him doing. As for inspiring the look, well, Capaldi is 12 years younger than fellow art student Bowie so it is possible…

doctor who peter capaldi david bowie

Brace yourselves, Doctor Bowie is coming to an internet near you!


Dr Who in “Aqua City”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Aqua City 1
Dr Who Aqua City 2
Dr Who Aqua City 3
Dr Who Aqua City 4
Dr Who Aqua City 5
Dr Who Aqua City 6
Dr Who Aqua City 7
Dr Who Aqua City 8

NEXT – The Snow Devils!

Who Goes Glasgow!

Take the recent “shrinking tardis” pics. Remember your previous “Rude Who” posts. Add some Patter, a dash of Crazy Caption and mix with a good dollop of Malcolm Tucker-ing…

If you can speak Glasgow fluently, then you’ll get this nae bother!

glasgow who yaldy capaldi

Dr Who in “The Devil’s Mouth”!

from the pages of Mighty TV Comic…

Dr Who The Devils Mouth 1
Dr Who The Devils Mouth 2
Dr Who The Devils Mouth 3
Dr Who The Devils Mouth 4

Dr Who The Devils Mouth 5

NEXT – Aqua City!

Dr Who meets The Arabian Knights

This just came to me today when I was working on the Fan Edit of Time Shite, I mean Time Flight. You’ll only get this one if you remember the Arabian Knights cartoon that used to air as part of The Banana Splits show…

arabian knights banana splits doctor who

put them together and what have you got?

kalid time flight arabian knights