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Is This Missy?

What with all the attention being paid to the Cybs revisiting St Pauls over the weekend, seeing Missy alongside Twelvy got me thinking.

Take a look at this screengrab from Day of the Doctor…

dr who day doctor missy

There’s no way that’s Clara’s right hand [unless her arm’s made of rubber] so who’s right hand is it? It’s clearly a woman’s hand so is it Missy? The rings aren’t the same as the ones Missy wears in the shots from the weekend’s filming but that doesn’t mean it’s not her in this shot.

Whoever it is, someone else was hiding in the “Gallifrey Falls No More” painting. But who was it? And, more to the point, will we find out this series?

Of course, and only a Fan could come up with this, Missy is a contraction of Mistress and Mistress is the feminine of Master… hmmm, I doubt it. She certainly seems bonkers enough from her brief scene in the workprint of Deep Breath but, if she is a female Master that would make her an incarnation in between Alexander McQueen and Derek Jacobi, or whoever it was that regenerated into Derek Jacobi.

Like I say, only a Fan could come up with an explanation like that but with The Moff, anything’s possible!



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Guardian of the Tomb – UPDATED!

It’s days like these that really restore your faith in Fandom.

Just yesterday we posted the second-to-last of the Tom Baker TV Comic strips, Guardian of the Tomb. The scans were kindly supplied to Whopix by fan Luke Andrew, but sadly Luke was missing parts 4 and 6.

Step forward Christopher McElroy who emailed me the missing two parts of the story late last night, making it complete.

Thanks to Luke and Christopher, you can now view the complete strip at the updated original post, which you can find HERE


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Dr Who in “The Image Makers”!

Here is the last of the Tom Baker strips from TV Comic, courtesy of fan Luke Andrew, who supplied Whopix with the original scans, which we have cleaned up as best we can. As you will see though, Luke’s 7 year-old self was a bit slapdash with the scissors when cutting these out of the comic back in 1978!

Dr Who The Image Makers 1

Dr Who The Image Makers 2

Dr Who The Image Makers 3

Dr Who The Image Makers 4

Dr Who The Image Makers 5

Dr Who The Image Makers 6

Thanks to Luke for supplying the scans and allowing people like me to see this strip for the very first time.

And that completes our journey through the Doctor’s comic strip adventures – we’ve posted every TV Action/TV Comic story from “Gemini Plan” onwards. You can find a full list of all the comic strip posts HERE


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Dr Who in “Guardian of the Tomb”!

from the pages of TV Comic, with thanks to
Luke Andrew and Christopher McElroy

Dr Who Guardian of the Tomb 1

Dr Who Guardian of the Tomb 2

Dr Who Guardian of the Tomb 3

Dr Who Guardian of the Tomb 4

Dr Who Guardian of the Tomb 5

Dr Who Guardian of the Tomb 6

Dr Who Guardian of the Tomb 7

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Dr Who in “Eerie Manor”!

Courtesy of Luke Andrew, from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Eerie Manor 1

Dr Who Eerie Manor 2



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It was Ten Years Ago today…

…that filming started on Series One, with scenes for Aliens of London. Wow.

I wonder how RTD especially must have been feeling that day? I suppose that was the day when it all became real. It was actually happening, Doctor Who really was back! God, how exciting and shitting-yourself-scary it must have been back then. Nobody knew if it would work, sure they all hoped and believed it would, but until the overnights were in for episode one, nobody knew for sure. Nobody knew that first filming day what the future held. And what a future it was!

Strange to think that March next year, yes just next year, a mere eight months from now, it’ll be Ten Years since the show came back. Ten Years! Now I very much doubt that The Moff is planning a “New Series Tenth Anniversary” show but perhaps there will be something in Series Nine to acknowledge that the New Series will have reached the same point as Season Ten of the Classic Series. Quite what that might be, I don’t know. It wouldn’t be a multi-Doctor story as we’ve just had possibly the ultimate one of those already. A sequel to one of those Series One stories? The only two I can think of are Dalek – what happened to Diana Goddard after she deposed Henry Van Statten? Does she own the internet now? Or what about seeing what happened next to Nancy & Jamie or Doctor Constantine after The Empty Child? Whatever it is, just please don’t let it be The Return of Captain Jack!

Whatever The Moff decides, I hope there’s some sort of acknowledgement in Series Nine of the fact that Doctor Who is still here ten years after it returned. And that in itself is proof that, if you do the show properly, there’s no reason why it should ever go away again.

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Jenna Coleman’s Arse!

doctor who jenna coleman arse

nice buns and just a hint of VPL…

but WTF is that jumper that Capaldi’s wearing???



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