Dr Who in “The Space Garden”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

For Steven Flanagan. Thank you.

Dr Who Space Garden 1
Dr Who Space Garden 2
Dr Who Space Garden 3
Dr Who Space Garden 4
Dr Who Space Garden 5

Sadly, that’s the last TV Comic strip that Whopix has. We have managed to post every single strip from Gemini Plan but this is as far as we go. Unless one of our fellow fans out there has the last three original Fourth Doctor TV Comic strips and would like to share them with the rest of us so we can complete the collection?

If you have scans of The Eerie Manor, Guardian of the Tomb or The Image Makers then Whopix – and your fellow comic strip fans – would love to hear from you!



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4 responses to “Dr Who in “The Space Garden”!

  1. Ian Scales

    Ahhh, they are the three need too. Irritatingly, when I was a youth, my dad did a raid on my room and threw out ridiculous amounts of Who stuff including these Still bitter! šŸ™‚

    • whopix

      Someone out there must have them!

      • Ian Scales

        Part of the problem must be how you can scan a double page spread. I only have an A4 style scanner myself.

      • whopix

        Same here. I suppose you must scan the two halves and then combine them to make a single image.That’s how I would do it. They are out there, somewhere.

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