Dr Who in “The Image Makers”!

Here is the last of the Tom Baker strips from TV Comic, courtesy of fan Luke Andrew, who supplied Whopix with the original scans, which we have cleaned up as best we can. As you will see though, Luke’s 7 year-old self was a bit slapdash with the scissors when cutting these out of the comic back in 1978!

Dr Who The Image Makers 1

Dr Who The Image Makers 2

Dr Who The Image Makers 3

Dr Who The Image Makers 4

Dr Who The Image Makers 5

Dr Who The Image Makers 6

Thanks to Luke for supplying the scans and allowing people like me to see this strip for the very first time.

And that completes our journey through the Doctor’s comic strip adventures – we’ve posted every TV Action/TV Comic story from “Gemini Plan” onwards. You can find a full list of all the comic strip posts HERE



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4 responses to “Dr Who in “The Image Makers”!

  1. Ian Gettings

    Cheers for all those – just hoping the two missing Guardians of the Tomb ones come up soon!

  2. jeremy

    Great but what about the Patrick Troughton/Jon Pertwee (but drawn Tom Bakers face over) reprint strips?
    “The Duellists” July 1978, The Amateur
    The Magician
    The Wanderers
    The Metal Eaters!
    Moon Exploration
    Size Control (which was the last dr who story in tv comic

    • whopix

      Sorry, not interested in those!

    • frankymole

      Jeremy, I’ve managed to get some of those, 29 issues’ worth (still missing 16 of them). In various forms – some pdf, some cbr and some jpg. If interested, or if anyone has these issues, please contact me.

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