Guardian of the Tomb – UPDATED!

It’s days like these that really restore your faith in Fandom.

Just yesterday we posted the second-to-last of the Tom Baker TV Comic strips, Guardian of the Tomb. The scans were kindly supplied to Whopix by fan Luke Andrew, but sadly Luke was missing parts 4 and 6.

Step forward Christopher McElroy who emailed me the missing two parts of the story late last night, making it complete.

Thanks to Luke and Christopher, you can now view the complete strip at the updated original post, which you can find HERE


5 thoughts on “Guardian of the Tomb – UPDATED!

  1. Fantastic news!!! – now I’m gonna have to start sorting them all. Yay!! Thanks to everyone.

  2. Utterly brilliant. Thank you so much for posting these, I wasn’t able to find the last three Tom Baker original stories before. Is there any way to get the “doctored reprints” of the last 4 stories the TV Comic ever printed in 1978/79 – The Wanderers, The Metal-Eaters!, Moon Exploration and Size Control? I have the next three stories which came after The Image Makers (all are older strips with Tom Baker’s face drawn over Pertwee or Troughton!)… but can’t find those final 4 even on Ebay.

    • Glad you’re happy Frankymole, though why you would want the redrawn stuff is beyond me! Whopix has no interest in those, so they won’t be appearing here.

      If anyone has the redrawn prints – Luke? – PM me and I’ll put you both in touch.

  3. Thanks, I do appreciate any leads on finding them – it’s partly nostalgia for that year, partly curiosity as to how bad they really are compared to the originals, and also partly the irresistible challenge because they’re the least-loved and least available of all Dr Who comic strips (well, perhaps excepting the Boys’ World “Doctor What and His Time Clock” stuff from 1964!)… those TV comic issues can’t be had for love nor money it seems (perhaps all copies have been bought up and shredded by outraged TV Action fans)!! 🙂

    Could be the completest in me too; having all the Tom strips before and after, it just feels like an annoying hole that late 1978/early 1979 period. Maybe I should just pretend they fell into a time crack!

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