Is This Missy?

What with all the attention being paid to the Cybs revisiting St Pauls over the weekend, seeing Missy alongside Twelvy got me thinking.

Take a look at this screengrab from Day of the Doctor…

dr who day doctor missy

There’s no way that’s Clara’s right hand [unless her arm’s made of rubber] so who’s right hand is it? It’s clearly a woman’s hand so is it Missy? The rings aren’t the same as the ones Missy wears in the shots from the weekend’s filming but that doesn’t mean it’s not her in this shot.

Whoever it is, someone else was hiding in the “Gallifrey Falls No More” painting. But who was it? And, more to the point, will we find out this series?

Of course, and only a Fan could come up with this, Missy is a contraction of Mistress and Mistress is the feminine of Master… hmmm, I doubt it. She certainly seems bonkers enough from her brief scene in the workprint of Deep Breath but, if she is a female Master that would make her an incarnation in between Alexander McQueen and Derek Jacobi, or whoever it was that regenerated into Derek Jacobi.

Like I say, only a Fan could come up with an explanation like that but with The Moff, anything’s possible!


11 responses to “Is This Missy?

  1. I really think that is just Clara’s hand. It’s just the fact it was filmed in 3D that makes it look weird.

    • nah. look at the distance between them. If it was Clara’s hand she would have to cross her arm in front of herself to grab the edge of the painting. And why would she do that with her right hand?

      That isn’t Clara’s hand!

      • I’ve gone through a process of watching Who for a while now…and yeah I saw this too. There have been deliberate continuity errors threaded into Doctor Who for a while now.
        Follow the Red Mini at the Leadworth Village Green in “The Eleventh Hour”
        The House of Cards in “The Rebel Flesh” (Watch the Doctor) and do not get me started on “The Power of Three”.
        Hidden in plain sight does not begin to describe what is going on…trust me.

      • The War Doctor

        It actually is Clara’s hand. Those are her rings as can be clearly seen when she’s standing in front of the painting in the first place. But she’d been in the Black Archive before, somehow. And there were a bunch of people in duplicate in that show. There’s just two Claras to go along with all the Doctors and Tardises…

  2. It is Clara’s right hand. The picture doesn’t make it clear, but if you watch that scene, she is climbing out of the painting with her right side to the room, looking over her right shoulder at the Doctors. Her hand is on the frame to steady her as she steps down out of the painting.

    • I know what you’re saying but still not convinced. But we’ll soon find out, won’t we!

    • Judging from the size of Clara’s head/torso in the background in relation to the hand on the painting, her right arm would have been roughly 3 to 4 feet longer than her left arm since she’d have it crossing her body to grab the painting’s frame to her left…

  3. Kylee Michelle Fraser Janes

    “Of course, and only a Fan could come up with this, Missy is a contraction of Mistress and Mistress is the feminine of Master”

    only a fan? I guess Moffat is a fan of sorts…. considering he did JUST this.

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