SPOILERS? The Return of Rusty?

If, like me, you didn’t have a problem with viewing the workprints of the leaked episodes then you will have noticed something interesting with Into The Dalek.

The workprints are fascinating, particularly if you are involved in the creative industries, and have some film-making experience. The prints are in Black and White and have placeholder music to give Murray Gold an idea of what sort of music they want where. They use the Matt Smith tile sequence for obvious reasons, have notes for lines of dialogue that need to be ADR’d and rough versions of the fx shots and give a fascinating glimpse into the production process before the finalised episode hits the screens. For some reason on ITD they had another bloke doing some of the Dalek dialogue on the ship instead of Briggsy, although Briggsy did them all in the final version. Wonder why? And there’s no timecode on the Missy scene with Carlisle, which throws the timecode out slightly with the actual running time for the rest of the ep after that scene.

The workprint version of the story runs 46m 35s but the finished version runs 46m 45s. Why the difference? Well, the discrepancy starts from the very first scene. We get our first glimpse of the Command Dalek onboard the ship that’s chasing Journey Blue at 48s 10f on telly but 49s 07f in the workprint and that discrepancy of just under a second continues throughout the ep until we get to the point where the Doctor and Clara leave journey behind.

into the dalek workprint rusty 1

After this scene, Rusty teleports aboard the Dalek ship…

into the dalek workprint rusty 2

… and blows himself up, using the same fx shot from 2005’s Dalek. So they filmed the scene and but then then cut it so that in the tx version the Dalek ship simply leaves, presumably with Rusty onboard.

into the dalek workprint rusty 3

Now why make a change like that unless they are planning on bringing Rusty back? It looks like, after they filmed the scene, they came up with another story idea for Rusty. Maybe they thought that having a Dalek who is secretly working to undermine them from within, a Dalek Double Agent if you like, is an idea worth following up? I think it is but I wouldn’t bet against Rusty turning up again in Series Nine if I were you…


7 thoughts on “SPOILERS? The Return of Rusty?

  1. How about Rusty acquiring a star cruiser, recruiting the Paternoster Gang and taking their exploits out of Victorian London and into all of time and space, “Star Tigers” styliee!

    • lol. I think it’s much more likely, if he does come back, he will be an undercover agent, working to undermine and sabotage the Daleks from within. In the TX version Twelvy says Rusty still has work to do, ie he expects him to go blow up the Dalek Ship. Given that doesn’t happen in the TX version we can only assume that Moffat changed his mind and thought there was more you could do with that scenario. I like the idea of a Dalek double agent but just because they cut the scene that doesn’t mean he will be back.Don’t forget that Moff apparently asked RTD not to kill off Jenny and there’s still no sign of her anywhere…

  2. What if Rusty is actually Clara from Asylum of the Daleks? they picked up Rusty in space where she could have been floating after the planet blew up. . I actually expected them to find a souffles inside.

      • When Rusty first saw the Doctor and Clara, it (she? 🙂 ) said something like hello and you brought me with you or something to that effect. I wish I could get the actual script.

      • just checked and what it actually says is “Doctor… will you help me?” So I don’t think Rusty is “Asylum” Clara, but it would make an interesting Fan Fiction!

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