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Whopix loves caricatures and these, by Marcus Sakoda, are fantastic!

peter capaldi doctor who marcus sakodajenna coleman doctor who marcus sakoda

Twelvy looks like he’s doing a Kenneth Williams and is it just me or is Jenna the human Tweety Pie?

These are great and you can see more of Marcus’ work at his site marcussakoda dot com


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Rude Who! Naughty Capaldi

I thought this was what I’d seen but until I’d downloaded the ep I wasn’t sure. Did you spot Twelvy giving Robin the finger during Robot of Sherwood? No? Well he did!

doctor who robot of sherwood finger

1] Do you think we should class this as our first Doctor Tucker Moment?

2] Stand by for the GIFs…


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50th Anniversary DVD Box Set Review

Postie brought my 50th Box Set today, purchased from the BBC Shop. Nice surprise for it to arrive before Monday when it’s officially out, so might order Series Eight from them if that’s how they roll over there… Each box is numbered and mine is 04485. The sleeve with the disc info simply slides off, leaving you with the “moment” box, devoid of writing.

drwho 50th box set 2

The Box itself is somewhat disappointing as it’s simply a thin outer cardboard sleeve as you’ll see on all the upcoming video reviews on YouTube. And the problem with that is that, to access the discs, you have to open the top of the box, which is going to mean a lot of wear and tear, so best rip the discs to your PC if you plan on viewing them more than just the once. Can’t understand why they’ve done it this way instead of you being able to slide the individual discs out of a sturdy cardboard outer like you can with the series box sets. Cost, I suppose.

The box itself is a thing of beauty, packaged to look like The Moment, and with the edging around the Gallifrey symbols nicely embossed in gloss to contrast with the matt of the rest of the box. The front is a clear plastic window so you can see the Doctor of your choice on whichever disc you choose to put topmost. And there’s a nice pic on the back, a variation on the very end shot where all the Docs are together. This should probably be released as a poster with an upcoming issue of DWM…
drwho 50th box set 1
The four discs in the set are all in the same sliver-grey amrays as the classic series discs. Each of the four has  a different Doctor – McGann, Hurt, Tennant and Smith – on the cover, and each disc has the Seal of Rassilon. The spine of each disc sleeve is simply a series of circular gallifrey symbols, ordered slightly differently for each Doctor, no writing at all. The box set also includes an insert for the Legacy phone game with a link for you to get a gift promo code.

Funny thing is that the discs are numbered in reverse order to the order of the Doctors, so Smiffy is 01 and McGann is 04, meaning you have to reverse the order of the discs to have Smiffy in the window. Overall, this set is only really let down by the daft decision not to have the same style of box as each of the series box sets, otherwise a great release.

dr who 50th box set disc 1
dr who 50th box set disc 2
dr who 50th box set disc 3
dr who 50th box set disc 4
All the disc menus are standard, as per the Series Seven Box Set, but the menus for disc 4 are different:
50th box set disc 4 menu 150th box set disc 4 menu 250th box set disc 4 menu 350th box set disc 4 menu 4


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Kasterborous should be ashamed







Steven Sotloff gets beheaded by the barabarian Islamonazis of IS and some bloke at the BBC thinks, hmm maybe that beheading scene in the next ep of Dr Who should go? I mean, it’s still going to be fresh in people’s minds by Saturday and maybe people seeing the Sheriff of Nottingham getting his head cut off by Robin Hood might paint the picture of what happened to Sotloff a little too vividly. And beheading in real life is a pretty gruesome, messy business. Might be deemed a bit insensitive to transmit that so soon afterwards, and we did the same thing with the TV Movie after Dunblane. Let’s have a word with Moffat and Gaytits and see what they think. After all it’s their ep and they wrote and filmed it months before all this IS stuff happened.

Then someone else says, who gets beheaded? And why is there a beheading scene in Dr Who anyway? Well, says the first bloke, the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin are having a swordfight, as people in these sorts of things always do, it’s all very Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone, and the Doctor and Clara sneak up behind the Sheriff and throw a blanket over his head, then Robin cuts his head off and we discover that the Sheriff of Nottingham is actually a robot! Oh, says the second bloke, I see. Then the headless body grabs Clara, Robin throws the Sheriff his head back, the Sheriff reunites his head with his body and then the Sheriff and Robin carry on with the swordfight.  So we could cut it out and just join the two halves together, it would still work.

Of course, there will be some fans who will complain about the ep being cut at all, they’ll probably be “incandescent with rage”, like that twat Christian Cawley over at Kasterborous. Oh hold on a minute… apparently a granny has her head cut off in Edmonton. Really? Yeah, Palmira Silva, she was 82. Yuck. That’s a bit gruesome isn’t it? Maybe we should cut that beheading scene after all. It would certainly be extremely tasteless to broadcast it now, wouldn’t it. I mean, I know Dr Who’s a fantasy and all but putting that image out, so soon after two beheadings that have been in the news, that would be insensitive, tasteless and just plain wrong. And we can always reinstate it on the DVD. Yeah, on balance I think you’re right.  You would have to be an extremely insensitive, tasteless twat with no sensitivity whatsoever to put it out now…. yeah, let’s speak to Moffat and Gaytits and see what they think. What about Crawley and people like him? They’ll be upset. Fuck him, it’s only a tv show and three people have been murdered by the same method depicted in an upcoming episode of Dr Who. That’s not censorship, that’s called good taste, something Cawley clearly lacks. Should be ashamed of himself, he’ll probably try to use it to get himself some publicity on Facebook. Best not get into a spat with him though, that’s slightly undignified and he seems to have cornered the market in that. Best thing is to tell him to his face that he’s being a complete twat, then ignore him and his website from now on. Arsehole.

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Absolute Genius – Delia Derbyshire

stumbled across this just now on BBCiPlayer, CBBC show about Delia Derbyshire!

absolute genius cbbc delia derbyshire

available HERE on CBBCiPlayer for the next 6 days

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BLOOPERS! – The Web of Fear

The recently recovered haul of nine previously missing Troughton eps just goes to show that there’s always a chance that more missing stories will turn up, in whole or in part. And more recovered eps means more bloopers!

It’s over ten minutes before we get our first WoF blooper – that old favourite of the studio lights reflected in the Tardis scanner…

web of fear blooper 01

We stick with the scanner for our second blooper – look closely and you can the reflection of the camera shift as it moves to the right…

web of fear blooper 02

Part two does pretty well blooper-wise until close to the end when we get a lovely boom shadow all over Anne Travers, who’s so wooden she could be Adric in drag…

web of fear blooper 03

With part three still Missing In Action, and part four a blooper-free zone, it’s not until part five that we get our next one, and it’s been staring us in the face the whole time, but this helpful close up reveals that there’s no glass in Prof Travers’ glasses!

web of fear blooper 04

Next, four boom shadows in quick succession as it shuttles back and forth!

web of fear blooper 05

web of fear blooper 06

web of fear blooper 07

web of fear blooper 08

Wobbly sets are not as common as the show’s detractors would have you believe, but here the wobble is all too noticeable…

web of fear blooper 09

…as is the reflection of the cameraman in the surface of that nice shiny sphere…

web of fear blooper 10

…and here’s Wobbly Set Moment #2!

web of fear blooper 11

We were doing so well blooper-wise until we hit part five and here’s another one – not sure what it is that’s causing this shadow to fall on Frazer Hines but it means there’s something else down in the tunnels with Jamie and Colonel A.G.L-S. – a BBC TV Camera maybe?

web of fear blooper 12

Speaking of cameras, that’s what’s causing the shadow on Evans’ back as it pulls out from the close up of Arnold…

web of fear blooper 13

Onto part six now and here, not only can you see the studio lights reflected in the Doctor’s cunningly-reversed mind-draining hat, but you can see that the Yetis zip up the back…

web of fear blooper 14

Looks like the bloke in this Yeti outfit likes the heat – it wasn’t warm enough in the studio inside that thing to stop him wearing his shirt…

web of fear blooper 15

And finally, there’s that zip again!

web of fear blooper 16

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The SNP and The Yeti

Given that The End of The World Is Nigh, or at least the end of the UK as we know it, does anyone know why there would be an SNP poster on a London Underground platform in The Web of Fear??? Do the Yeti vote SNP?
doctor who web of fear snp yeti

Surely The Great Intelligence isn’t a Scottish Nationalist?
doctor who web of fear snp yeti 2

Alex Salmond certainly can’t be The Great Intelligence…
doctor who web of fear snp yeti 3

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