BLOOPERS! – The Web of Fear

The recently recovered haul of nine previously missing Troughton eps just goes to show that there’s always a chance that more missing stories will turn up, in whole or in part. And more recovered eps means more bloopers!

It’s over ten minutes before we get our first WoF blooper – that old favourite of the studio lights reflected in the Tardis scanner…

web of fear blooper 01

We stick with the scanner for our second blooper – look closely and you can the reflection of the camera shift as it moves to the right…

web of fear blooper 02

Part two does pretty well blooper-wise until close to the end when we get a lovely boom shadow all over Anne Travers, who’s so wooden she could be Adric in drag…

web of fear blooper 03

With part three still Missing In Action, and part four a blooper-free zone, it’s not until part five that we get our next one, and it’s been staring us in the face the whole time, but this helpful close up reveals that there’s no glass in Prof Travers’ glasses!

web of fear blooper 04

Next, four boom shadows in quick succession as it shuttles back and forth!

web of fear blooper 05

web of fear blooper 06

web of fear blooper 07

web of fear blooper 08

Wobbly sets are not as common as the show’s detractors would have you believe, but here the wobble is all too noticeable…

web of fear blooper 09

…as is the reflection of the cameraman in the surface of that nice shiny sphere…

web of fear blooper 10

…and here’s Wobbly Set Moment #2!

web of fear blooper 11

We were doing so well blooper-wise until we hit part five and here’s another one – not sure what it is that’s causing this shadow to fall on Frazer Hines but it means there’s something else down in the tunnels with Jamie and Colonel A.G.L-S. – a BBC TV Camera maybe?

web of fear blooper 12

Speaking of cameras, that’s what’s causing the shadow on Evans’ back as it pulls out from the close up of Arnold…

web of fear blooper 13

Onto part six now and here, not only can you see the studio lights reflected in the Doctor’s cunningly-reversed mind-draining hat, but you can see that the Yetis zip up the back…

web of fear blooper 14

Looks like the bloke in this Yeti outfit likes the heat – it wasn’t warm enough in the studio inside that thing to stop him wearing his shirt…

web of fear blooper 15

And finally, there’s that zip again!

web of fear blooper 16


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