Kasterborous should be ashamed







Steven Sotloff gets beheaded by the barabarian Islamonazis of IS and some bloke at the BBC thinks, hmm maybe that beheading scene in the next ep of Dr Who should go? I mean, it’s still going to be fresh in people’s minds by Saturday and maybe people seeing the Sheriff of Nottingham getting his head cut off by Robin Hood might paint the picture of what happened to Sotloff a little too vividly. And beheading in real life is a pretty gruesome, messy business. Might be deemed a bit insensitive to transmit that so soon afterwards, and we did the same thing with the TV Movie after Dunblane. Let’s have a word with Moffat and Gaytits and see what they think. After all it’s their ep and they wrote and filmed it months before all this IS stuff happened.

Then someone else says, who gets beheaded? And why is there a beheading scene in Dr Who anyway? Well, says the first bloke, the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin are having a swordfight, as people in these sorts of things always do, it’s all very Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone, and the Doctor and Clara sneak up behind the Sheriff and throw a blanket over his head, then Robin cuts his head off and we discover that the Sheriff of Nottingham is actually a robot! Oh, says the second bloke, I see. Then the headless body grabs Clara, Robin throws the Sheriff his head back, the Sheriff reunites his head with his body and then the Sheriff and Robin carry on with the swordfight.  So we could cut it out and just join the two halves together, it would still work.

Of course, there will be some fans who will complain about the ep being cut at all, they’ll probably be “incandescent with rage”, like that twat Christian Cawley over at Kasterborous. Oh hold on a minute… apparently a granny has her head cut off in Edmonton. Really? Yeah, Palmira Silva, she was 82. Yuck. That’s a bit gruesome isn’t it? Maybe we should cut that beheading scene after all. It would certainly be extremely tasteless to broadcast it now, wouldn’t it. I mean, I know Dr Who’s a fantasy and all but putting that image out, so soon after two beheadings that have been in the news, that would be insensitive, tasteless and just plain wrong. And we can always reinstate it on the DVD. Yeah, on balance I think you’re right.  You would have to be an extremely insensitive, tasteless twat with no sensitivity whatsoever to put it out now…. yeah, let’s speak to Moffat and Gaytits and see what they think. What about Crawley and people like him? They’ll be upset. Fuck him, it’s only a tv show and three people have been murdered by the same method depicted in an upcoming episode of Dr Who. That’s not censorship, that’s called good taste, something Cawley clearly lacks. Should be ashamed of himself, he’ll probably try to use it to get himself some publicity on Facebook. Best not get into a spat with him though, that’s slightly undignified and he seems to have cornered the market in that. Best thing is to tell him to his face that he’s being a complete twat, then ignore him and his website from now on. Arsehole.


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