50th Anniversary DVD Box Set Review

Postie brought my 50th Box Set today, purchased from the BBC Shop. Nice surprise for it to arrive before Monday when it’s officially out, so might order Series Eight from them if that’s how they roll over there… Each box is numbered and mine is 04485. The sleeve with the disc info simply slides off, leaving you with the “moment” box, devoid of writing.

drwho 50th box set 2

The Box itself is somewhat disappointing as it’s simply a thin outer cardboard sleeve as you’ll see on all the upcoming video reviews on YouTube. And the problem with that is that, to access the discs, you have to open the top of the box, which is going to mean a lot of wear and tear, so best rip the discs to your PC if you plan on viewing them more than just the once. Can’t understand why they’ve done it this way instead of you being able to slide the individual discs out of a sturdy cardboard outer like you can with the series box sets. Cost, I suppose.

The box itself is a thing of beauty, packaged to look like The Moment, and with the edging around the Gallifrey symbols nicely embossed in gloss to contrast with the matt of the rest of the box. The front is a clear plastic window so you can see the Doctor of your choice on whichever disc you choose to put topmost. And there’s a nice pic on the back, a variation on the very end shot where all the Docs are together. This should probably be released as a poster with an upcoming issue of DWM…
drwho 50th box set 1
The four discs in the set are all in the same sliver-grey amrays as the classic series discs. Each of the four has  a different Doctor – McGann, Hurt, Tennant and Smith – on the cover, and each disc has the Seal of Rassilon. The spine of each disc sleeve is simply a series of circular gallifrey symbols, ordered slightly differently for each Doctor, no writing at all. The box set also includes an insert for the Legacy phone game with a link for you to get a gift promo code.

Funny thing is that the discs are numbered in reverse order to the order of the Doctors, so Smiffy is 01 and McGann is 04, meaning you have to reverse the order of the discs to have Smiffy in the window. Overall, this set is only really let down by the daft decision not to have the same style of box as each of the series box sets, otherwise a great release.

dr who 50th box set disc 1
dr who 50th box set disc 2
dr who 50th box set disc 3
dr who 50th box set disc 4
All the disc menus are standard, as per the Series Seven Box Set, but the menus for disc 4 are different:
50th box set disc 4 menu 150th box set disc 4 menu 250th box set disc 4 menu 350th box set disc 4 menu 4



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3 responses to “50th Anniversary DVD Box Set Review

  1. Thank you so much for these scans. I’ve been wanting that Eight photo ever since this was announced months ago. Now to blow it up onto a poster. (BBC, you’re losing money not offering that! Well, maybe not, depending on production costs… oh well.)

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