Capaldi’n the Tardis

The recently released teaser trailer for the soon to re-open Dr Who Experience features Twelvy in his predecessor’s Tardis console rooms – first up is the Hartnell recreation for An Adventure in Space and Time:

capaldi hartnell tardisThis really works, evokes a real Season Eight vibe – and I still say they should have used this for the War Doctor!

Next up is the Copper console room for Smiffy:

capaldi matt smith tardis

This one kind of works too, but not so well. Of course, if the Beeb hadn’t moved studios then this would probably have been Capaldi’s console room too!

And finally, the Eccles/Tennant console room, where Twelvy whacks the console with that rubber mallet. This one doesn’t suit him as well I don’t think.
capaldi tennant tardis

Can you imagine just how much fun shooting on all these must have been for Capaldi, his inner fanboy must have been squee-ing with delight!

The Doctor Who Experience re-opens October 24th, with tickets on sale from this coming Tuesday, the 7th.

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