Series Eight Ratings So Far…

With Kill The Moon having a similar overnight figure to The Caretaker [4.2M versus 4.8M] it looks like things are staying pretty stable ratings-wise at around 7 million viewers each week. Halfway through the run, here’s how Series Eight is shaping up so far:

Capaldi Ratings Series Eight Part One

and if you compare Capaldi’s first series to that of each of his predecessors, things look like this:

ratings comparison first series by doctor

Three things worth noting before we all start to panic over these consistent, but still relatively low viewing figures:

1] we’ve just come off the back of the Fiftieth, so there may be a bit of Who fatigue among the non-fan audience

2] this is the first season to start transmission in the Autumn, whereas all the others TX`d in the Spring

3] the Average Audience for these first six eps is 7.3M, which is consistent with what every previous series has achieved.



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