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BLOOPERS! An Unearthly Child

Rewatching this story again for my Doctor Who Weekly viewing marathon, I spotted the following bloopers –

first, that thing you can see top left is the hexagon shaped thingy hanging from the studio roof on the Tardis set!
unearthly child blooper 1

and when we get to the Tardis set you can spot where the walls end, both here…
unearthly child blooper 2

…and here!
unearthly child blooper 3

And here’s a camera cable!
unearthly child blooper 4

It’s episode three before we get our next one – a boom mic shadow that you can see just as they set off out of the cave..
unearthly child blooper 5

Now that’s either a rather large bat with glowing eyes hiding at the top of the cave or it’s the studio lights…
unearthly child blooper 6

speaking of which – there’s one!
unearthly child blooper 7

I don’t know about you, but that pipe doesn’t look very stone age to me…
unearthly child blooper 8

The flare you can see at the top of the screen is caused by a low hanging studio light…
unearthly child blooper 9

And yes, there’s no avoiding the obvious fact that all BBC cavemen wear modesty knickers!
unearthly child blooper 10


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Doctor Who Weekly #2 – The Cave of Skulls

Week 2 of my journey through Season One, one episode a week, continues with a double bill of part two and the repeat of part one, which must have been a bit of a result back in the day if you had missed it the week before.

An Unearthly Child

Coal Hill must be a trendy new comprehensive – they don’t wear school uniform.

Why does Ian ask Babs if she’s not gone yet? The bell’s only just rang… maybe she normally shoots off straight after work.

Is Babs trying to get in a bit of moonlighting on the side by doing a spot of home tutoring? Teacher’s wages obviously aren’t that good in 1963!

Why has Susan’s homework been so bad lately?

If Ian’s giving Babs a lift then either Babs doesn’t drive or her car’s at the garage for its MOT… and his car doesn’t have a tax disc.

Why did Ian & Babs pass out when the ship takes off? Did it take off like a rocket giving them altitude sickness or something???

and I spotted another couple of bloopers in the Tardis so will need to update the Blooper post for this story!

The Cave of Skulls

oh, cave men! No monsters then… if only they’d been alien cavemen, that might have been more interesting

If the Doctor doesn’t recognise the name “Foreman” then why does Susan adopt it as her surname?

Get used to Susan’s hysteria – she’s going to be doing a lot of that over the next year…

If they have lost the secret of fire, then whatever Za is eating is raw meat. yuk.

For all the Doctor electrocuted him in the last ep at least he doesn’t let him get killed, although his motives may be slightly suspect…

next episode forest of fear

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Dr Who in “The Gyros Injustice”

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Gyros Injustice 1.1Dr Who Gyros Injustice 1.2Dr Who Gyros Injustice 2.1Dr Who Gyros Injustice 2.2Dr Who Gyros Injustice 3.1Dr Who Gyros Injustice 3.2Dr Who Gyros Injustice 4.1Dr Who Gyros Injustice 4.2Dr Who Gyros Injustice 5.1Dr Who Gyros Injustice 5.2Dr Who Gyros Injustice 6.1Dr Who Gyros Injustice 6.2


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Series Eight Alternate Posters

Whopix is part of the BBC’s Doctor Who Consumer Panel and my Series 8 email survey came today. One of the questions was about Stuart Manning’s posters and these alternate versions, which I’ve never seen and have no idea who they’re by but they are rather good!

Mummy On The Orient Express poster artist unknown

Time Heist poster artist unknown

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Day of the Doctor OST

Day Time Doctor OST Murray Gold

If you like Murray Gold’s music then you will enjoy this latest release, which is far superior to the last one for Series 7, which I thought was a bit disappointing to be honest. Not enough strong tunes. This is much more of a return to form, with the typical mix of bombast and emotion and there are some pretty big moments in these two stories. And some tunes. And it gives us one last chance to hear I Am The Doctor in all its glory. I really miss that tune in Series Eight…

The first 23 tracks are for Day with the last 18 for Time and, as always, half the fun is listening to them to see if you can place where they came in the episode. And I swear here are even a few sneaky uses of a certain familiar three-note sequence in there, as well as the Tennant Doctor theme . The IATD tracks are:

3: It’s Him[The Majestic Tale], 18: Man And Wife, 22: This Time There’s Three Of Us, 23: Song For Four – Home


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Dr Who Weekly #1 – An Unearthly Child

Here’s the plan – to watch all of Hartnell’s first season, Time-Team style but at the rate of one episode a week, just like they would have done back in 1963. I had planned to do this last year, what with it being Anniversary Year and all but never managed it. However, since this is Year 51, it seems like now is as good a time as any to do it. The Black & White episodes in particular are incredibly slow compared to the pace of television today, so at the very least watching them one a week, and a week apart, should make them easier to endure!

An Unearthly Child

So today I watched An Unearthly Child – it’s still a great piece of television and ticks all the storytelling boxes. The ep has just three locations – the classroom, the junkyard and the Tardis – and plays out over five sequences, during which we get the set up of the problem [the mystery of Susan] the investigation of the problem [Ian & Babs waiting for Susan then following her into the yard] and finally the explanation [Susan is a time traveller from another world!] with the added complication of the Doctor. He’s the last of the four main characters to be introduced and, although he only gets mentioned in passing in the intial scene, you’re always waiting for the old boy to turn up – the delayed entrance is a standard theatrical technique and this is television as theatre with cameras.

They haven’t got his character right yet, something that arguably won’t happen until Vicki and Dennis Spooner turn up the following year [can you imagine Sixie or Twelvy electrocuting Ian? I can’t] but there’s more than enough to make up for that slight mis-step, and when he turns up the pace quickens and the revelations come thick and fast as we race towards the end of the episode and that first ever journey. Of course, we aren’t to know that it will end in some dodgy BBC cavemen next week…

Watching this, I tried to put myself in the position of someone who was watching this back in 1963 for the very first time, with nothing but the stuff in the Radio Times to go on. That’s not exactly easy to do, knowing as we do that Hartnell is a Time Lord etc etc but there’s a fun game to be had in guessing just who Dr Who is from nothing more than what Anthony Coburn & David Whitaker give us here. If I was eight years old or so watching this back in the day, then this would have me hooked and I would have been pestering Mum & Dad to make sure we were back next week for The Cave of Skulls!

next episode cave of skulls

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An Unearthly Child @ 51

Happy Birthday Doctor Who! 51 years and counting.

51 years ago today is when it all started and this is the day when fans the world over will sit down at 5.15pm and rewatch that very first episode. Like we did last year, in the build up to The Day of The Doctor. For Whopix, this is the day when I encourage you to check out the Fan Edit of the story, one of our most popular edits with nearly 1000 downloads since it was first put online.

Doctor Who Big Finish Unearthly Child

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