at 44 minutes and 53 seconds the scene begins where Missy tells the Doctor, at about 45m 20s, that she is…




…The Master!


Well, at least she wasn’t the Rani!


The Master – John Simm – gets trapped in The Last Day of The Time War with Rassilon and the rest of the Time Lords [see “The Endof Time Part Two”- Ed]. Somehow he manages to escape and nicks a Matrix Data Slice, Gallifreyan Hard Drive, and uploads his dying mind to it. He then downloads his mind into some poor Time Lady bird who looks like Michelle Gomez.

He makes his way to Arcadia, where he sees the Doctors – Hurt, Tennant and Smith, exiting the Gallifrey Falls No More painting and sneaks out as well when no-one’s looking! [see “The Day of the Doctor” – Ed]




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2 responses to “MISSY IS…

  1. Wow! what a contraversial revelation. Initially I was livid and angry and thought dear old Barry Letts would be turning in his grave, but once I’d calmed down I thought hang on, the Master would actually stoop so low and stop at nothing to preserve his life even if it meant stealing the body of another gender. It doesn’t necessarily follow that regeneration can be cross gendered. I still wonder if Jon Simm may still make an appearance next week and whether this is a disguise. After all he assumed female forms before when he created the “MASTER race” in Tennants era? I also wondered if Missy still actually is the Rani and is messing with the Doctors’ head? Finally, do you think Doctor “SKARO-sa” may be Davros changing allegiance and now working on human specimens to be transformed into Cybermen after being rejected once again by the Daleks? THAT would be a huge revelation.

    • whopix

      Yeah I wondered if there were maybe some mind games going on too. Maybe it is the Rani messing with him, we’ll see next week.
      And yes, I spotted Dr Skarosa too. Maybe that’s just Moffat messing with us fans, since he knows the kind of connections we will make when we see something like that. Purposeful and deliberate? Yes. Significant? Maybe, but I doubt it. I think it’s a red herring. Then again…

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