Dark Water – 9/10

dark water titleThe most anticipated regular episode of New Who for ages didn’t disappoint, even if the revelation that Missy is The Master didn’t have the impact that it might have, given that was what we were all expecting. The double bluff didn’t quite work, unless of course, she’s really the Rani and just messing with the Doctor’s head. That would be a twist on a twist that probably would work, but we’ll have to wait for that until next week.

I didn’t expect Danny to snuff it before the credits but there’s something rather appropriate about him having an “ordinary” death instead of the usual spectacular self-sacrifice that a lesser writer might have been tempted to go with. Again, no great surprises there as we all knew that Danny would die and that would be the reason Clara would “betray” him. That said, the “volcano” scene was brilliantly handled and good twist on the usual cop-out of “it was all a dream”. Yes, it was but a dream with a purpose. Nice one Moff.

Quite how Clara knows where the Doctor keeps all his spare keys I don’t know and anyway, this is a man who can open the doors with a click of his fingers – Clara closed them herself like that in Day of the Doctor – but you can put that one down to her not thinking straight because of her grief.  And speaking of grief, I don’t know that we need be that concerned about kids being traumatised by the idea that the dead stay conscious. It was kyboshed pretty soon afterwards by Missy saying that everyone in the Data Slice only thinks they are in Heaven. That said, “don’t cremate me” was pretty chilling.

So, all in all, an episode that pretty much did what we expected of it, but not exactly in the way we expected it to do it. The X-ray water reveal was a nice idea, even if we could see it coming but the danger is that whatever comes next – UNIT v Flying Cybs – will seem a bit of an anti-climax, because we can see where all this is going.




Next Time – Death In Heaven: So, what happens next? Well, the Doctor either will or won’t find a way to download Danny back into his body, which in turn will decided whether or not Clara stays with him.


Mummy on the Orient Express by Stuart Manning Radio TimesDark Water Stuart Manning Radio TimesFlatline by Stuart Manning Radio Timeskill the moon by Stuart Manning Radio TimesCaretaker by Stuart Manning Radio Timestime heist by stuart manning radio timesRobot of Sherwood by Stuart Manning Radio TimesForest of the Night by Stuart Manning Radio TimesInto The Dalek by Stuart Manning Radio TimesDeep Breath by Stuart Manning Radio TimesListen by Stuart Manning Radio Times


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