How The Master Became Missy. Maybe.

The Master - how it all began

The Master.  We first meet him in 1971, in Terror of the Autons, and back in those days he looks like Roger Delgado alongside the Pertwee Doctor, although personally I think Edward Brayshaw’s War Chief from The War Games was the Master too, but anyway, be that as it may…

Doctor vs Master 1

After Frontier In Space he disappears for ages before turning up again in his decaying thirteenth – and ordinarily, final – body, looking like Lon Chaney with really bad dermatitis in The Deadly Assassin. By the time we get all the way to the McGann Doctor he’s looked, variously, like Geoffrey Beevers, Anthony Ainley, Eric Roberts and Alexander McQueen and we’re on the verge of the Time War. The Paul McGann Doctor dies on Karn and regenerates into John Hurt, having finally decided to get involved and fight in the War. All we know of the Master at this point is that somehow he’s ended up dead. Properly, finally dead. At last. Only he doesn’t stay that way.

paul mcgann john hurt doctor who

Somehow the Time Lords resurrect him to fight in the War, only he uses a fob watch Chameleon Arch to make himself into the human Professor Yana and legs it to the end of the Universe, which is where we  – and the Tennant Doctor – next meet him, in Utopia, looking now like Derek Jacobi.

derek jacobi david tennant doctor who

And here’s the interesting thing – when the Doctor meets Yana he doesn’t recognise him as the Master, that only happens when Yana opens the fob watch and the Tennant Doctor becomes aware of the Master’s presence. So that means that, during the Time War, the Hurt Doctor never met the Jacobi Master, which is a damn shame as a face off between those two would have been a sight to behold…

john hurt derek jacobi doctor who

Towards the end of Utopia, the Jacobi Master gets shot and regenerates into the John Simm Master who also gets shot and “dies” only to get resurrected as SkeletorMaster for the events of The End of Time, when Rassilon and the Time Lords turn up. So the last we see of the SkeletorMaster is him zapping away at Rassilon as Gallifrey slips back into the Time War, specifically to The Last Day Of The Time War, something that gets established early on in The End of Time Part Two, and confirmed in The Day of The Doctor.

Master vs Rassilon

So the SkeletorMaster and Rassilon and the Time Lords all go back to the last day of the War, the same day that the Hurt, Tennant and Smith Doctors “destroy” Gallifrey. Which, in turn, means that the SkeletorMaster is still on Gallifrey on the very day when it’s going to get shunted into another Universe, safe but frozen in a moment of time, or so the Doctors think. But hold on a minute…

After leaving Liz One, the only way the Doctors can get into UNIT’s Black Archive is via the Gallifrey Falls No More painting, which isn’t a painting, it’s a stasis cube, Time Lord art.  A stasis cube of The Fall Of Arcadia. Which took place when? The Last Day of The Time War! So when the three Doctors, plus Clara, go into the painting they are going back into the Time War, into the last day of the Time War, back to The Fall of Arcadia.

gallifrey falls no more

Now at the same time as that is happening, where is the SkeletorMaster? What is he up to? Well, if Missy is telling the truth, and she really is the Master, only this time in a female body, how did that happen? Well, this is where we get into the realms of conjecture ahead of whatever official explanation The Moff has for us this coming Saturday, but here goes…

Matrix Data SliceAssuming that MissyMaster, chronologically, comes after the John Simm SkeletorMaster, a safe bet since Twelvy doesn’t recognise her, then that means that SkeletorMaster survives the battle with Rassilon. He certainly seems to have the upper hand as they all fade away, but he has depleted almost all of his life force. So he hot foots it to the nearest Matrix Data Slice and uploads his mind into it…

Then he downloads himself into the first unfortunate Time Lord who comes anywhere near it, or Time Lady, he’s not fussy, all he cares about is his own survival. And it just so happens that a Time Lady who, we assume, looks like Missy, is unfortunate enough to wander within range and gets her own mind erased and replaced with that of the Master.

michelle gomez time lord

So next, MissyMaster knows that Gallifrey is rapidly running out of time. And she can sense that the Doctor is nearby so she legs it from the Capitol to Arcadia and sure enough, there he is. All three of him. And Clara. And then, as they all step out of the Gallifrey Falls No More painting, maybe she steps out too. That’s what I think anyway. I could very well be wrong, but that doesn’t make the guesswork any less fun. And I was right about Matt Smith being the Thirteenth Doctor when you all thought I was wrong so maybe I’m right about this too. Either way, can’t wait to find out!



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9 responses to “How The Master Became Missy. Maybe.

  1. Good theory and you may very well be right.

  2. Pretty good explanation, I think. Nice one. 🙂

    • whopix

      Well it’s either that or 1] MissyMaster isn’t post-SkeletorMaster or 2] he just did a Tremas on some innocent Time Bird and then nicked a Tardis, escaping before the Doctors “froze” Gallifrey, which is all rather predictable. I much prefer my explanation, if nothing else it’s a bit more inventive!

  3. Great thoughts and theories. What if He killed two birds with one stone and mind morfed with a very old and failing Rani, who for all we know could well have been back on Gallifrey at the time of the war and in a safe and familiar haven and possibly at the end of her own regenerations. He could have bargained with her, using her dying body as a host, to ensure two renegade TimeLords future existence?

    I always thought the same of the war Chief too and also of the “other” Master in the Mind Robber. I always felt he could have been one and the same as the chatacter we first saw in Delgado’s later version.

    • whopix

      Could well be – that would be good second twist, if he took over the Rani. The other thing to bear mind is that MissyMaster is also in the Data Slice as well as walking around and interacting with Twelvy…

  4. john lochrie

    Nice Idear but if the master simply downloaded his mind in to a timelady than he woluld technically still be the john simm master in a female body but this new master/missy is obviously diffrent from john simm and there for must be a new regeneration allowing for the change not only in body but in personality.May be with all the chaos of the time war happing around them the master was able to drew power fron the eye of harmony without the time lords interfering and was than able to regenarate before escaping.,

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