Dr Who in “The Klepton Parasites”!

I hadn’t intended to upload any of the early Hartnell & Troughton TV Comic strips, as they’re pretty simplistic and a bit rubbish. But there have been a few people asking me if I would, and others who say they can no longer find them online, so far be it from me to withhold these strips from my fellow fans who want to see them.

Back in DWM337 the comic strip gave us a solution as ingenious as The Time War – all those TV Comic strips are the Doctor’s dreams! Which is pretty genius when you think about it and helps people like me relax a lot more when around this stuff. Of course that then begs the question of whether the Marvel strips are dreams too, but let’s leave that aside for the moment and join Dr Who, John & Gillian on their Adventures in Space, Time and Comics.


Dr Who Land Happy Endings 1Dr Who Land Happy Endings 2Dr Who Land Happy Endings 3Dr Who Land Happy Endings 4Dr Who Land Happy Endings 5Dr Who Land Happy Endings 6Dr Who Land Happy Endings 7



Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 1.1Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 1.2Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 2.1Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 2.2Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 3.1Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 3.2Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 4.1Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 4.2Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 5.1Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 5.2Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 6.1Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 6.2Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 7.1Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 7.2Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 8.1Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 8.2Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 9.1Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 9.2Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 10.1Doctor Who Klepton Parasites 10.2





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6 responses to “Dr Who in “The Klepton Parasites”!

  1. Jeff Redraven

    I love the way the Tardis turns up in a little whirlwind! Thanks for this.

  2. Steve B

    Thank You ! I have been looking for these early Doctor Who comics for a while. These early ones may be a little silly but I am enjoying them. Thanks again for sharing them.

  3. jonathan schmucker

    these are so awesome, i just love the way that you guys put doctor who comics on the site for free

    • whopix

      Since nobody is showing any interest in releasing them commercially, sharing them on the Net is the only way fans can get to see this stuff, probably for the first time

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