Dr Who in “The Therovian Quest”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Doctor Who The Therovian Quest 1.1Doctor Who The Therovian Quest 1.2Doctor Who The Therovian Quest 2.1Doctor Who The Therovian Quest 2.2Doctor Who The Therovian Quest 3.1Doctor Who The Therovian Quest 3.2Doctor Who The Therovian Quest 4.1Doctor Who The Therovian Quest 4.2Doctor Who The Therovian Quest 5.1Doctor Who The Therovian Quest 5.2Doctor Who The Therovian Quest 6.1Doctor Who The Therovian Quest 6.2





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5 responses to “Dr Who in “The Therovian Quest”!

  1. frankymole

    Ooh, fantastic! Scans are a bit low res compared to the first one though. But the Classic Comics colourising destroyed the lovely shading shown here. I’d love to see the Hartnell tales like The Secret of Gemino, On the Haunted Planet aka Space Ghost, and The Hunters of Zerox. And a few Troughtons like The Space Pirates (the other one), Car of the Century, and The Jokers – the scariest and sillest of them all.

  2. The grey washes on these are lovely. Very “summer special”!!

    • Yeah, these are grayscaled versions of the Classic Comics reprints but I clearly can’t tell the difference 😀 Ruddy good achievement getting every strip on here. So much fun!

      • whopix

        cheers Frankymole – posting them with the Classis Comics false colour just seemed wrong to me so I greyscaled them to try and get back to how they would originally have looked.

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