Christmas 2014!

Okay, so the clip from this year’s Christmas Special which previewed tonight on Children In Need in the UK…

One, Blue Cogs!
doctor who 2014 children in need 1
Maybe this is just for Xmas, but I think blue cogs work better than the sepia ones, although the sepia lends them a Steampunk-y feel which was probably more appropriate for Deep Breath than any of the other eps. Anyway…

Two, Clara!

doctor who 2014 children in need 2

So, looks like Death In Heaven wasn’t the end of the road for Twelvy and Clara after all… not sure if I’m happy about that or not to be honest but at least Dan Starkey’s face finally gets seen on screen! Yay!

Three, Doctor Hoodie!

Doctor Hoodie Christmas 2014

And if you look over Clara’s shoulder during the clip, it looks like there’s a blooper with the Tardis coming and going but it’s not. What you can see is the edge of the doorway just off to the right when the Tardis arrives!

The Doctor And Santa [if that’s what it’s called] airs six weeks yesterday!


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