Day of the Doctor OST

Day Time Doctor OST Murray Gold

If you like Murray Gold’s music then you will enjoy this latest release, which is far superior to the last one for Series 7, which I thought was a bit disappointing to be honest. Not enough strong tunes. This is much more of a return to form, with the typical mix of bombast and emotion and there are some pretty big moments in these two stories. And some tunes. And it gives us one last chance to hear I Am The Doctor in all its glory. I really miss that tune in Series Eight…

The first 23 tracks are for Day with the last 18 for Time and, as always, half the fun is listening to them to see if you can place where they came in the episode. And I swear here are even a few sneaky uses of a certain familiar three-note sequence in there, as well as the Tennant Doctor theme . The IATD tracks are:

3: It’s Him[The Majestic Tale], 18: Man And Wife, 22: This Time There’s Three Of Us, 23: Song For Four – Home



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