BLOOPERS! An Unearthly Child

Rewatching this story again for my Doctor Who Weekly viewing marathon, I spotted the following bloopers –

first, that thing you can see top left is the hexagon shaped thingy hanging from the studio roof on the Tardis set!
unearthly child blooper 1

and when we get to the Tardis set you can spot where the walls end, both here…
unearthly child blooper 2

…and here!
unearthly child blooper 3

And here’s a camera cable!
unearthly child blooper 4

It’s episode three before we get our next one – a boom mic shadow that you can see just as they set off out of the cave..
unearthly child blooper 5

Now that’s either a rather large bat with glowing eyes hiding at the top of the cave or it’s the studio lights…
unearthly child blooper 6

speaking of which – there’s one!
unearthly child blooper 7

I don’t know about you, but that pipe doesn’t look very stone age to me…
unearthly child blooper 8

The flare you can see at the top of the screen is caused by a low hanging studio light…
unearthly child blooper 9

And yes, there’s no avoiding the obvious fact that all BBC cavemen wear modesty knickers!
unearthly child blooper 10


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