Doctor Who Weekly #2 – The Cave of Skulls

Week 2 of my journey through Season One, one episode a week, continues with a double bill of part two and the repeat of part one, which must have been a bit of a result back in the day if you had missed it the week before.

An Unearthly Child

Coal Hill must be a trendy new comprehensive – they don’t wear school uniform.

Why does Ian ask Babs if she’s not gone yet? The bell’s only just rang… maybe she normally shoots off straight after work.

Is Babs trying to get in a bit of moonlighting on the side by doing a spot of home tutoring? Teacher’s wages obviously aren’t that good in 1963!

Why has Susan’s homework been so bad lately?

If Ian’s giving Babs a lift then either Babs doesn’t drive or her car’s at the garage for its MOT… and his car doesn’t have a tax disc.

Why did Ian & Babs pass out when the ship takes off? Did it take off like a rocket giving them altitude sickness or something???

and I spotted another couple of bloopers in the Tardis so will need to update the Blooper post for this story!

The Cave of Skulls

oh, cave men! No monsters then… if only they’d been alien cavemen, that might have been more interesting

If the Doctor doesn’t recognise the name “Foreman” then why does Susan adopt it as her surname?

Get used to Susan’s hysteria – she’s going to be doing a lot of that over the next year…

If they have lost the secret of fire, then whatever Za is eating is raw meat. yuk.

For all the Doctor electrocuted him in the last ep at least he doesn’t let him get killed, although his motives may be slightly suspect…

next episode forest of fear


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