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Last Christmas review

Last Christmas TitleWell, that was actually quite good. Not as good as The Snowmen, which is still my bestest Xmas Ep but still quite good. Notice they’re back to Lower Case Lettering for the title, wish they’d make their mind up on that one. The whole “dreams-within-dreams” Inception-style plot was well worked out and those Dream Crab things – okay, was it just me or did they really, really remind you of those Scary Basturd Wallmaster things from Zelda?

zelda wallmaster
dr who zelda wallmaster dream crab

Michael Troughton was a bit underused I thought [I take it his character snuffed it and didn’t wake up?] but both the chicks were excellent and I’d be happy if either of them took over from Coleman after S9. My money’s on Shona though, as she’s more of a contrast to Clara. But then Ashley is sexier so I’d be happy with either of `em in S10.

As for Clara, well, to be fair to her, Coleman is really good in this as Old Clara but I still don’t like her very much. I must be honest and say that, in spite of that emotional-fuelled ending, part of me was disappointed that she’s staying. She became such a snotty cow in S8 that I’d have been glad to see the back of her. Let’s hope she redeems herself next series – her last, I hope! – without a boyfriend to get in the way. And I’d fascinated to know if that ending was rewritten or if it was always meant to be like that. I suspect it was the latter but you never know… it certainly makes for a better story if Coleman “changed her mind” once filming started but I doubt it. I’m sure someone will write into DWM asking about that one so an answer won’t be far away…

The whole “Danny’s dead” thing was well handled but I would have liked to know what happened to the kid he dumped her with at the end of “Death In Heaven” but no. No explanation, no mention. Cheers, Moff. So, Santa’s a dream, yeah, that works – makes sense and I was pleased that I worked out that the peeps on the bed were the same four crew members just before it was spoken on screen.

And did anyone else get just a little bit of Deja Vu when they woke up?

Last Xmas 2014Empty Child 2005

And are you seriously trying to tell me that Granny Wheelchair was snoozing away with a dirty great big facehugger on her head before Xmas Dinner and nobody popped in to check on her?

bellows dream crab

That was lucky,very close family, obv… and that’s us until August!

Dr Who Magician's Apprentice 2015

Oh, and I wouldn’t get your hopes up over that title. It probably just refers to Clara, after all Shona did call him a magician, didn’t she? Don’t look for a Sword’n’Sorcery type tale though, it’s bound to be another one of Moffat’s misdirections…If series Nine TX’s at the same sort of time as Series Eight, then put a note in your diary for Saturday 22nd August 2015…

Right, time to fill in that DWM Season Survey!


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Dr Who & The Recyclers #3

Take a look at this radar screen console thingy from Terminus

Dr Who Recycling Terminus

If it looks familiar that’s because it will turn up again the following year in The Twin Dilemma covered in tinfoil!
Dr Who Recycling Twin Dilemma

And then again in the very next story!
Dr Who Recycling Attack Cybermen

Meanwhile, over on Frontios, no prizes for guessing where the colonists got their helmets from…

Dr Who Recycling FrontiosDr Who Blakes7 Recycling

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Hartnell Gallifrey Pix

If you’ve checked out our Chronology Pages you’ll have seen these already. If not, here they are:

Doctor Who Gallifrey Time Lord

I’ve always found it curious that The Moff had Hartnell escape Gallifrey in non-Time Lord clobber. You would have thought that he would have either picked up his outfit on his travels or found it in the TARDIS wardrobe…

Doctor Who Escape Gallifrey

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BLOOPERS! – Frontios

The first one is so subtle, and so early on in part one, that you’ve probably missed it as many times as I have until now! At just under a minute in, you can see the little red stick some BBC bod is using to poke the holes in the earth that Captain Revere is about to get sucked into!

Frontios Blooper 10

I know this one isn’t technically a Blooper but I reckon this hint of sideboob from Tegan still counts as you’re seeing something you shouldn’t and it distracts from what you should be looking at…

Frontios Blooper 1

Here’s our old friend the console cable…
Frontios Blooper 2

…and here’s a boom mic shadow on Tegan’s arm
Frontios Blooper 3

First we get a sideboob hint and now, despite Janet Fielding’s best efforts, she finally does a Jo Grant…
Frontios Blooper 4

Want to know how that lamp Tegan threw continues to give off a pulsating glow? Easy, it’s plugged in!
Frontios Blooper 5

That is a foot, giving the game away that the Tractators are really just men in costumes. If they had fixed the bottom of the skirt so they glided instead of shuffled it might have been more effective…
Frontios Blooper 6

The Frontios Colony Ship clearly uses a lighting system similar to that used in a Twentieth Century TV Studio…
Frontios Blooper 7

The reason that cave wall looks suspiciously like a black curtain is because it’s a black curtain…
Frontios Blooper 8

And finally, that shadow you can see here is being caused by the TV Camera taking the shot…
Frontios Blooper 9

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Dr Who in “A Christmas Story”!

from the pages of TV Comic… Yo Ho Who!

Dr Who Christmas Story 1Dr Who Christmas Story 2Dr Who Christmas Story 3Dr Who Christmas Story 4


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Professor Branestawm & the Tardis!

If you missed The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm with Harry Hill on BBC One tonight, go to the BBC iPlayer and look out for a cameo appearance by the TARDIS!

Professsor Branestawm Tardis 1Professsor Branestawm Tardis 2Professsor Branestawm Tardis 3

Crossover, anyone?


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Dr Who in “The Caterpillar Men”!

from the pages of TV Comic…


Dr Who Caterpillar Men 1Dr Who Caterpillar Men 2Dr Who Caterpillar Men 3Dr Who Caterpillar Men 4

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Dr Who in “Prisoners of the Kleptons”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Prisoners Kleptons 1Dr Who Prisoners Kleptons 2Dr Who Prisoners Kleptons 3Dr Who Prisoners Kleptons 4


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Dr Who in “Shark Bait”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Shark Bait 1Dr Who Shark Bait 2Dr Who Shark Bait 3Dr Who Shark Bait 4

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Dr Who in “Enter The Go Ray”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Enter The Go Ray 1Dr Who Enter The Go Ray 2Dr Who Enter The Go Ray 3Dr Who Enter The Go Ray 4

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