The Underwater Menace in 2015?

At last! According to this post from doctor who news dot net:


Great though it is to get some confirmation on the story’s release – the last ever Classic Series DVD unless more stories are recovered – the explanation is a bit bollocks if you ask me and I still suspect that it will be part of a Box Set along with the two recently recovered Troughton stories – Enemy of the World & Web of Fear. On the plus side, at least we’ve got confirmation that the eps will be animated, probably by that Planet55 lot

In the meantime here’s Lee Johnson’s brilliant artwork mocked up as a Big Finish-style cover to keep us all going!

Doctor Who Big Finish Underwater Menace

You can find more of Lee Johson’s fantastic fan art on his Facebook Page


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One response to “The Underwater Menace in 2015?

  1. effjay

    Didn’t they say something similar about “hoping” to release it in 2014 a year ago? I really hope it really does come out this time! (Maybe that’s part of their plan – to make us desperately crave the release of ‘The Underwater Menace’!)

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