Dr Who in “The Ordeals of Demeter”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Ordeals Demeter 1Dr Who Ordeals Demeter 2Dr Who Ordeals Demeter 3Dr Who Ordeals Demeter 4



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7 responses to “Dr Who in “The Ordeals of Demeter”!

  1. effjay

    Thank you again! I can’t wait until you get to the John Canning 60s stuff. Some think his art is sloppy looking, but I feel it is very dynamic and energetic. Bill Mevin always feels a bit static and two dimensional to me.

  2. frankymole

    Hooray! At least we’re onto the real colour and not the Classic Comics from the 1990s rendered in grayscale. Might as well have done them in colour, since they obliterated a lot of the subtle shading of the B&W originals.

    • whopix

      sorry you disapprove but I felt posting them in B&W was more authentic

      • frankymole

        I approve very much of you posting them – any way we can see the stories is lovely! It’s Marvel’s fault in the 1990s. Still super to read these anyway, so thank you indeedy-muchly!

  3. “Nice Demeter, Demeter Nice!…”

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