BLOOPERS! – Frontios

The first one is so subtle, and so early on in part one, that you’ve probably missed it as many times as I have until now! At just under a minute in, you can see the little red stick some BBC bod is using to poke the holes in the earth that Captain Revere is about to get sucked into!

Frontios Blooper 10

I know this one isn’t technically a Blooper but I reckon this hint of sideboob from Tegan still counts as you’re seeing something you shouldn’t and it distracts from what you should be looking at…

Frontios Blooper 1

Here’s our old friend the console cable…
Frontios Blooper 2

…and here’s a boom mic shadow on Tegan’s arm
Frontios Blooper 3

First we get a sideboob hint and now, despite Janet Fielding’s best efforts, she finally does a Jo Grant…
Frontios Blooper 4

Want to know how that lamp Tegan threw continues to give off a pulsating glow? Easy, it’s plugged in!
Frontios Blooper 5

That is a foot, giving the game away that the Tractators are really just men in costumes. If they had fixed the bottom of the skirt so they glided instead of shuffled it might have been more effective…
Frontios Blooper 6

The Frontios Colony Ship clearly uses a lighting system similar to that used in a Twentieth Century TV Studio…
Frontios Blooper 7

The reason that cave wall looks suspiciously like a black curtain is because it’s a black curtain…
Frontios Blooper 8

And finally, that shadow you can see here is being caused by the TV Camera taking the shot…
Frontios Blooper 9

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