BLOOPERS! – Full Circle

As I’m currently Fan Editing The E-Space Trilogy for Whoflix, it’s time to share the Bloopers that I found across the three stories!

First up is Full Circle, and if the mist was a little bit thicker as Tom comes in the door, you wouldn’t be able to see the studio cyclorama…

Full Circle Blooper 1
Next we have the first of several boom mic shadows. This one bobs all over the back of the marshchild’s head…
Full Circle Blooper 2
For all the Marshmen are your typical “men in rubber suits” they are a decent rip-off of The Creature From The Black Lagoon. However, that doesn’t make them immune to a series of wardrobe malfunctions, as evidenced by this tear in the fabric. And it’s not the only one!
Full Circle Blooper 3
Here you can follow the boom mic shadow as it crosses over the top of Dexeter’s dentist’s chair, or whatever this thing is!
Full Circle Blooper 4AFull Circle Blooper 4B
Something different now, you can see one of the studio lights as Romana sets off down the stairs…
Full Circle Blooper 5
The shadow you can see above the shadow being cast by K9’s head is the shadow of a boom microphone.
Full Circle Blooper 6
Wardrobe! There’s something wrong with the back of his neck!
Full Circle Blooper 7
Warbrobe! We’ve got another one!
Full Circle Blooper 8
Wardrobe! This one’s torn his arse!
Full Circle Blooper 9

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