BLOOPERS! – Warriors’ Gate

First, here’s a nice boom mic shadow on Marty Hopkirk’s head…
Warriors Gate Blooper 1

There are plenty of instances where you can see the studio lights, so I won’t list them all, but here’s one where they get reflected on the monitor behind Biroc’s leonine bonce…
Warriors Gate Blooper 2

Next, here’s our old friend the console cable…
Warriors Gate Blooper 3

This next one’s a belter. When the time winds hit K9, they forgot to put the effect on. If they had, it might have helped obscure the BBC smoke pipe being fed into the prop…
Warriors Gate Blooper 4A

…which you can see even more clearly when it’s full of BBC smoke! Whoops!
Warriors Gate Blooper 4B

Here’s the console cable again…
Warriors Gate Blooper 5

Here’s one of the many instances where you can spot the tv studio lights. This one you can see through the gap around the door frame…
Warriors Gate Blooper 6

You can see watch out for this again at the end of part four, but loook – K9’s hollow! No wonder he’s so light and easy to carry!
Warriors Gate Blooper 7

Keep an eye out for this boom shadow as it comes and goes on the table…
Warriors Gate Blooper 8

Yes, another shadow but just for a change, this one is being caused by a camera…
Warriors Gate Blooper 9

The gateway floor is clearly a black curtain and K9 still looks suspiciously lightweight…
Warriors Gate Blooper 10

… probably because it’s the hollow one again!
Warriors Gate Blooper 11


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