UNIT: Extinction

unit extinction

The news today from Big Finish that they are to release a new series of UNIT audios featuring Kate Stewart is not just good news, but possibly highly significant. It’s the first time the Beeb have let BF get their hands on anything to do with the New Series, and quite frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken so lonog. So does this mean that, in time, we can look forward to audios with Eccles, Ten-Inch and Captain Grumpy? Hope so.

And interesting that they’ve gone with the good old Autons for their first outing. I’d love for this first box set to be set at the same time as the events of Rose but I bet it isn’t. It’ll be interesting to see exactly when it is set, and if that’s before or after the Season Eight finale. So long as it doesn’t tread the same old ground as BBV’s Auton video trilogy from back in the day we’ll be fine…



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9 responses to “UNIT: Extinction

  1. effjay

    I have to admit, it’s exciting stuff. I can’t think of another time I’ve preordered a product that won’t finish getting released for 2 1/2 years!

  2. frankymole

    MAtt Smith would probably do one before Eccles. Maybe “Return to the Tomb of the Cybermen”…

  3. Does this mean we won’t get any more UNIT stories with Elizabeth Klein?

  4. Steve Flanagan

    I suspect they’ve found a way around their licence restriction of “no new Who” by successfully claiming that Kate Lethbridge Stewart was devised by Marc Platt for “Downtime” and derived from Haisman and Lincoln’s copyrighted character, her father. If Big Finish had got a new Who licence, they’d be trumpeting it loudly.

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