Dr Who & The Recyclers – Galaxy 4!

The most exciting thing about Galaxy 4, the Fan Edit of which has just been uploaded over at Whoflix, is the fact that one of the Drahvin guns turns up ten years later in Genesis of the Daleks!

doctor who recycling genesis daleks galaxy 4 gun

Shame the story that gun comes from isn’t half as exciting as seeing it on screen in colour!

And did anyone ever write that Fan Fiction where a Drahvin ship lands on Skaro during the Thal/Kaled war?



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6 responses to “Dr Who & The Recyclers – Galaxy 4!

  1. I tend to think that Galaxy Four is set in the very far future as opposed to however far back Genesis is set, but that’s a nice idea

  2. frankymole

    The gun turns up again held by the Thal guard holding the rocket silo slaves prisoner, interior studio. Might be Pat Gorman?

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