Dr Who in “Test Flight”!

from the pages of the 1970 TV Comic Annual…

Dr Who Test Flight 1Dr Who Test Flight 2Dr Who Test Flight 3Dr Who Test Flight 4

Next – Season 6B: Exiled To Earth!

dr who war games telecomic comic strip


One thought on “Dr Who in “Test Flight”!

  1. These last two strips (“Death Race” and “Test Flight”) have a particular appeal to me. I started watching Doctor Who with “Spearhead from Space” in 1970, and, until “The Making of Doctor Who” came out in 1972, the two comic strips from the TV Comic Annual 1970 – published, of course, in 1969 – were all I knew of Patrick Troughton’s Doctor. They were also my only experience of the idea of the Tardis as a vehicle until “Colony in Space”.

    But even then, I think I realised that there was something not quite right about them!

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