Dr Who in “The Multi-Mobile”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Multi-Mobile 1.1Dr Who Multi-Mobile 1.2Dr Who Multi-Mobile 2.1Dr Who Multi-Mobile 2.2Dr Who Multi-Mobile 3.1Dr Who Multi-Mobile 3.2Dr Who Multi-Mobile 4.1Dr Who Multi-Mobile 4.2Dr Who Multi-Mobile 5.1Dr Who Multi-Mobile 5.2



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6 responses to “Dr Who in “The Multi-Mobile”!

  1. frankymole

    That’s weird, the pages are coming up “404 not found” although the strips before and after this are okay.

  2. frankymole

    That’s truly odd! I still get the page not found, embedded in the usual style of this blog, as before. Oh well, guess it doesn’t matter if there’s only one strip I can’t read from the many treasures herein!

  3. frankymole

    Thanks, that’s brilliant. I tried three browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera) and it’s workable-around with some trickery. This works nicely though. Great bizarre strip! Love the petrol station stop. Artillery shells mixing with petrol stations – can’t see what could possibly go wrong.

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