Dr Who in “The Image Makers”!

The scans for this, the last of the Tom Baker strips from TV Comic, were originally supplied to Whopix by fan Luke Andrew, to whom we were, and still are, extremely grateful for allowing fans like me to see this strip for the very first time. However, as you can see from the image below, Luke’s 7 year-old self was a bit slapdash with the scissors when cutting these out of the comic back in 1978!

Dr Who The Image Makers 1

Since this, and the others like it, were the only scans of the comic anyone had offered to supply to complete the collection, any minor disappointment at the missing bits was far outweighed by gratitude at finally being able to see the damn thing! Recently, however, Whopix has managed to source a “complete” set of scans for the strip which we now present again here!

Dr Who The Image Makers 1Dr Who The Image Makers 2Dr Who The Image Makers 3Dr Who The Image Makers 4Dr Who The Image Makers 5Dr Who The Image Makers 6

The Image Makers was the last original Dr Who strip in TV Comic. After this it was all reprints until Doctor Who Weekly came along in October 1979…


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One response to “Dr Who in “The Image Makers”!

  1. What an amazing journey it’s been going through all of these strips!
    Next stop – Altered Vistas!

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