Dr Who in “Levitation”!

from the pages of the 1971 TV Comic Annual…

Dr Who Levitation 1 Dr Who Levitation 2 Dr Who Levitation 3 Dr Who Levitation 4

With this post we’ve completed our journey through all of the Doctor’s adventures in TV Comic, Countdown and TV Action before Doctor Who Weekly came along in 1979.

I don’t know about you, but this is the the first time I’ve ever seen many of these strips. Some of them I remember vaguely from my childhood, and thanks are due to those fans who have helped me complete the collection so we can all enjoy what was, for many of us of a certain age, a huge part of being a fan back in the dark, anti-geek, pre-DWW days of Seventies Britain.



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9 responses to “Dr Who in “Levitation”!

  1. Thanks so much for posting all the comic strips – an invaluable dr who reference work !! I particularly liked the late Pertwee/ baker strips from my childhood , so thanks for letting me enjoy them again !

    • whopix

      My pleasure Steve.
      It took me a while to track them all down, but I got there in the end – and there wouldn’t be a complete set to enjoy were it not for the generosity of those fellow fans who helped plug the gaps.

      • Absolutely – thanks to everyone who contributed the strips . A great part of who history !!

      • Steve Flanagan

        True, but you’ve put a heck of a lot into this yourself, and provided a great single chronological archive – so you get many thanks, anyway!

      • whopix

        I remembered the TV Comic strips from my childhood, and how terrible the artwork was but hadn’t seen any of them for years. So when I started coming across them online, it was only a matter of time before I started collating them together to try and get a complete set.

        The most time consuming part of the entire process was the digital cleanup. Some of the original scans people had uploaded were in quite poor condition, so most of the work involved adjusting the brightness and contrast. Some required more work than others!

        And then there were all those colourised strips that I felt should be taken back to greyscale to get as close to the original as possible.

        Almost all of these strips, bar the donated ones, were tracked down in various locations online, but there was no one site that had them all. Well, now there is!

  2. Frankymole

    Clearly this is where Douglas Adams got the third Hitchhiker book’s “flying knack” from. It’s all about confidence – aim for the ground and miss!

  3. jeremy

    very much enjoyed seeing those strips (some for the first time) but what about putting the last lot online as a comparision…….i can send you some scans?

    • whopix

      I’m not really interested in the redrawn strips to be honest. Nothing to stop you putting them online yourself though…

    • frankymole

      Can you send me the scans Jeremy? I have them in hard copy (from Ebay) but no scanner, I’d like to see them electronically as it saves risking the comics getting damaged when I unearth them for reading! I took photos of them but it’s not as good.

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