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Daleks on HIGNFY

In the Odd One Out Round from last night’s ep of Have I Got News For You, someone working on the show is clearly a Who Fan – nobody else would go to all the trouble of digging out a photo from The Dalek Invasion of Earth!

daleks hignfy


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Richard Hammond IS Anthony Ainley!

At the launch of the latest Clarkson, Hammond and May “Not Top Gear” Tour in Belfast, Richard “hamster” Hammond sported a familiar looking goatee beard…

richard hammond top gear dr who master

…now, does that look remind you of anyone? It does me!

richard hammond the master anthony ainley

[Don’t think it suits him though…]

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BLOOPERS! The Ark In Space

This Tom Baker classic, our latest Fan edit over at Whoflix, does quite well blooper-wise, and no, bubblewrap doesn’t count!

First up, here’s Sarah Jane doing a Jo and flashing her knickers!

ark space blooper 1

In this one, there are a couple of things that give away that the Ark isn’t in Space at all but resting in a BBC TV studio… on the floor…

ark space blooper 2

And again here, only much more obvious this time, is that grey studio floor [why did nobody think of painting it black?] and the rope lights used for the stars!

ark space blooper 3

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BLOOPERS! The Time Monster

As if there wasn’t already more than enough that’s wrong with The Time Monster in the story and cast departments, here are the bloopers!

First up, that shadow in the corner is the camera that’s just taken the close up of Jo…

time monster blooper 1.1

If you think being able to see the inside of the Police Box prop counts as a blooper, then this next one is a blooper. If not, don’t worry, there’s plenty more!

time monster blooper 1.2time monster blooper 1.3

Lab Boom Mic Shadow #1…

time monster blooper 1.4

This one’s a cracker – for some reason the Police Box prop is missing it’s floor!

time monster blooper 4.1

Director Paul Bernard made an unfortunate choice of camera angle for this shot, as the backdrop doesn’t match where the TARDIS was in the previous scene!

time monster blooper 4.2

Here’s Jo flashing her knickers…

time monster blooper 4.3

…and here’s the boom mic shadow that appears above her head just after!

time monster blooper 4.4

Lab Boom Mic Shadow #2…

time monster blooper 4.5

As promised, here’s Jo flashing her knickers. Again.

time monster blooper 5.1

The Doctor may have redecorated the console room, but he still hasn’t found a way to hide that bloody cable!

time monster blooper 5.2

Not to be outdone in the knicker flashing stakes, here’s Hippias and his red pants!

time monster blooper 6.1

That shadow in the bottom right hand corner looks like a camera to me…

time monster blooper 6.2

Here you can see the wooden handle the prop boys use to turn the Time Ram dial…

time monster blooper 6.3

And finally, if you look you can see that something else used to sit here on the console before the Time Ram dial was put in…

time monster blooper 6.4

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Jo’s Knickers – The Time Monster

That old tart Jo Grant is flashing her knickers again, this time they’re yellow to match her boots!

jo grant knickers time monster

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