Fan Edit Finale!

Whilst everyone else is busy raving, and justifiably so, over the latest announcements from Big Finish – New Series characters plus Classic Doctors? Yeehah! Surely it can’t be long before Capaldi’s predecessors join in too? – over here in our little corner of the Internet we have our own reasons to be cheerful…

Today marks the end of a creative project that has seen me Fan Edit every single Doctor Who story from the Classic Series. All One Hundred And Fifty Six of them, including Tom Baker’s Shada.

It’s taken me six years, but today I’ve finally finished my last Classic Series Doctor Who Fan Edit…


Pyramids of Mars has just been uploaded to Whoflix and it’s the final fan edit in a journey that has taken me the best part of six years. But now, at last, the Classic Series is done.

I’m proud to have been the one to pioneer the Fan Editing of Doctor Who, I’m delighted that my work has inspired other Fan Editors, and I’m pleased to have achieved the distinction of being the first fan to fan edit the entire Classic Series. Yay!

Fan Edits now exist for every story from An Unearthly Child to The Parting of The Ways.

Job Done.


Whoflix, Fan Editor In Chief




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4 responses to “Fan Edit Finale!

  1. Samson

    Do you plan on doing any more new-who edits ?

    • whopix

      There are a couple I quite like the idea of tackling but plan on taking a break for a while. The plan was only ever to do the Classic Series. I’m sure there will be more New Series edits if peeps want to see them!

  2. Frankymole

    What is your approach to the fan-editing? Have you done a “philosophy” post on what goes, and what stays?

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