Three Doctors Telecomic #7

doctor who three doctors comic strip 1.07


In this version, Gallifrey gets mentioned prior to it’s original revealing in The Time Warrior and we get the first Marvel-style “Editor” note, helping to give this the comic strip feel I was after.
Although the implication from TTD is that the Time Lords we see in that story are the President and Chancellor, I felt it made more sense if they were the CIA, acting on the President’s instructions, as that would allow me to get both versions on screen together.

“By order of the Prezza” seemed to be a stronger motivation for breaking Time Law #1 and bringing Jon, Pat & Bill together than the original, and it provided further justification for bringing the two versions of the Time Lords together, which I always wanted to do .

Another TDA Easter Egg, name checking Rassilon.

When the Prezza has finished, the monitor defaults to the New Series’ gallifreyan graphics.

I always wondered why we never saw a scene like this in the TV version, particularly since Bill is able to communicate with the TARDIS with no problem, and he’s stuck in time eddy! So I put it here, not just because it works, but also because it will help make sense of a puzzling moment later on in the ep.

Finding shots for the various “new” scenes and moments in this version sometimes entailed using shots from elsewhere in the story, such as here. If memory serves, it’s from Part 4 where Jon is chatting with Bill.

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