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Three Doctors Telecomic #35

doctor who three doctors comic strip 2.16#Telecomics

It’s Flashback Time!

Stephen Thorne, The Untempered Schism. The Capitol, Rassilon and The Hand of Omega from The Last of The Time Lords, The End of Time and Remembrance of the Daleks.

The pic of Stephen Thorne is one of the few I could find online, and in the original he’s wearing glasses, which I didn’t think Omega would, so I removed them as best I could so we could see what really was underneath Omega’s Mask!


Three Doctors Telecomic #34

doctor who three doctors comic strip 2.15#Telecomics

PANEL 2: I’m quite pleased that I managed to find a moment where Bill could mirror Pat’s gesture in this shot

PANEL 5: The Black Hole from The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit again replaces the 1972 original!

Three Doctors Telecomic #33

doctor who three doctors comic strip 2.14#Telecomics

Three Doctors Telecomic #32

doctor who three doctors comic strip 2.13#Telecomics

This is the point at which we revert, more or less, to what happened on TV, alternating between Pat & Bill and Jon & Jo

Three Doctors Telecomic #31

doctor who three doctors comic strip 2.12#Telecomics

PANEL 1: On TV, it’s at this point that Pat moves towards the fuzzy blob, but we need to bring Bill back into the story now, so…
PANEL 2: Bill comes back out of the TARDIS, ready to be reunited with Nick Courtney…
PANEL 3: I couldn’t not have some sort of acknowledgement of the two of them having worked together before on The Dalek Masterplan, now could I?

PANEL 4: With the Brig meeting Bill here for the first time in this version’s Part Two, instead of on the scanner screen in Part Four as on TV, I had to relocate the Brig’s classic line to here instead

Three Doctors Telecomic #30

doctor who three doctors comic strip 2.11#Telecomics

PANEL 3: In order to keep the story moving, this is where Jon & Jo make there first appearance since getting zapped. All they really did was meet Dr Tyler and get captured, so here they get taken straight to the lair of The Big Bad!

Three Doctors Telecomic #29

doctor who three doctors comic strip 2.10#Telecomics