Three Doctors Telecomic #17

doctor who three doctors comic strip 1.17#Telecomics

PANEL 1:  This was such an obvious shot to do

PANEL 2:  The backgrounds here are mostly from The Three Doctors but some of them, such as the one used here, are from Planet of the Daleks, the only other story in Season Ten to make use of the console room set.

PANEL 3:  Most of the shots of Hartnell in this adaptation are from The Space Museum, but I think this one is from The Keys of Marinus.

PANEL 4:  The same background as the previous panel, only zoomed in and then blurred slightly.

PANEL 5:  I borrowed the idea of Hartnell referring to his other selves by their incarnation number from brilliant The Ten Doctors comic strip.

PANEL 6:  This is an example of where the dialogue gets tweaked slightly from the TV version, it’s actually the Target book version if memory serves. Adding Hartnell to the mix not only meant coming up with dialogue for him, but also for all the other characters in the story who are now interacting with someone who wasn’t originally there!


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