Three Doctors Telecomic #18

doctor who three doctors comic strip 1.18#Telecomics

PANEL 1: The shot of Hartnell here is from The Ark.
PANEL 2: The shots of Hartnell here are from The War Machines.
PANEL 3: This shot of Pertwee is taken from the scene where he is sat down and talking to Omega in Part Two
PANEL 4: One of the trickiest parts of the whole process was getting clean backgrounds to insert Bill into, something that becomes more of an issue the further we get into the story.
PANEL 5: This shot of Pat is from Part Three when he first meets Omega.
PANEL 6: Although it looks like their positioning is wrong, Hartnell has moved in front of the console edge nearest the cameras to end up on the right of Pat & Jon, which is where he needs to be for the end of the episode.
The shot of Pat & Jon is from Part Three, Hartnell is from The Celestial Toymaker.


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