Three Doctors Telecomic #24

doctor who three doctors comic strip 2.05


Having both Doctors outside the Tardis examining the blob, which is what would most likely have happened on telly, was all well and good but I would have to get rid of Bill so Pat could have his convo with the Brig without the added complication of Bill being there as well. It’s much better if he meets them one at a time, and so the answer was for Bill to head back inside and try to contact the Time Lords.



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2 responses to “Three Doctors Telecomic #24

  1. I love the two first panels with Doc’s 1 & 2 interacting, great choice of stills
    & the dialogue is bang on.

    • whopix

      Cheers Craig, glad you liked it. And this is only part two!

      It was quite a challenge finding stills of Bill that matched the scene/moment he was being inserted into. And some worked better than others when they were turned into “artwork”, which is why the bulk are from The Space Museum as they suffered less degredation when converted.

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