Three Doctors Telecomic #26

doctor who three doctors comic strip 2.07#Telecomics

PANEL 1,4 & 6: New Series’ Gallifrey graphics on the monitor in the background

PANEL 3: The pix of Hartnell here are from the opening episode of The Space Museum



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2 responses to “Three Doctors Telecomic #26

  1. Again, the mix of old & new imagery plus new insertion of classic references
    is great! the 1st Doc meet & dialogue with the Time lords is perfect. Nice photo choices of Hartnell here too.

    • whopix

      I had no idea when I set out to do this that it would take me two years, and one of the fun things is to add in little touches for fellow fans to spot. I love the idea of retconning the two iterations of Gallifrey, Classic & New, and things like that are what makes it fun, and it’s the fact that it’s fun that helps to keep you going. That’s why so many fan projects remain unfinished – they stop being fun to do.

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