Three Doctors Telecomic #28

doctor who three doctors comic strip 2.09#Telecomics

Adding Hartnell to the story not only changed the dynamic between the Doctors, it also meant I had to find things for him to do that would involve him in the narrative without changing things too much.

The idea was always to try and stick to what they might realistically have done on telly had Bill not been ill, so things happen slightly differently. As here, where it’s still One who comes up with the idea of turning off the Tardis’ forcefield only he trails it now in this new scene which, in my mind replaces the stuff where Three and Jo meet Dr Tyler in the original.


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2 responses to “Three Doctors Telecomic #28

  1. It’s great to see the first Doc. in a more central and pivotal organising role as he would undoubtedly have been had Hartnell been fully available. A kind of elder statesman whose older years and wisdom would have brought out a repect among his former selves along the lines of the 1st Doc we encountered in the Five Doctors, so beutifully portrayed by Richard Hurndall.

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