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Three Doctors Telecomic #51

doctor who three doctors comic strip 3.11#Telecomics

PANEL 5: ¬†Here’s an example of what I was talking about on the previous page about having to keep track of Bill. He has to move from screen left to screen right for the screengrabs to work, so there’s a panning shot between the two as he moves across to join Jo. Unfortunately Bill’s hair is a giveaway that the shots in the two panels come from different stories but that was unavoidable!


Three Doctors Telecomic #50

doctor who three doctors comic strip 3.10#Telecomics

One of the tricky things about this cell scene was keeping track of where Bill was in relation to the others as well as the usual problem of finding screngrabs where he was looking in the right direction with the right expression on his face.

I think the lack of Dr Tyler actually makes this scene work better, and I’m really pleased with the little Benton & Brig moment. I think they actually work better as a double act without Mike Yates.

Three Doctors Telecomic #49

doctor who three doctors comic strip 3.09#Telecomics

Three Doctors Telecomic #48

doctor who three doctors comic strip 3.08#Telecomics

I think having the Brig in the cell scenes instead of Dr Tyler makes for a better dynamic and helps keep the story moving since we don’t have to cut away to another plot line. Why they didn’t do that on telly I don’t know..

Three Doctors Telecomic #47

doctor who three doctors comic strip 3.07#Telecomics

PANEL 5: ¬†One of the main challenges with adding Bill into the story was trying to find shots where he either had just the “right” expression on his face or was looking in the “right” direction, as here

Jenna Coleman’s replacement!

With the news that Jenna Coleman is swapping the TARDIS for Buckingham Palace, there’s only one person that Whopix thinks can replace her…

doctor who jenna coleman miriam margolyes

Miriam Margolyes and Peter Capaldi! What’s not to like about that! Sixie and Evelyn Smythe worked well for Big Finish…

Three Doctors Telecomic #46

doctor who three doctors comic strip 3.06#Telecomics