Three Doctors Telecomic #42

doctor who three doctors comic strip 3.02#Telecomics

PANEL 4: There was no way I was going to leave in the terrible shot from the TV version where you can clearly see the rear doors of the Police Box prop, so I inserted a shot of the console room to suggest that the rear of the box is where the threshold is located.

PANEL 6: The idea here was to suggest that Omega’s World is a recreation of Gallifrey instead of just another quarry!

Continues Friday

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One response to “Three Doctors Telecomic #42

  1. Good call on Omega’s world… If I could build anything, it would be …. a quarry…. perhaps not. There is a suggestion though that it’s hard work, so it might not be a very good Gallifrey… In fact, as far out as the TARDIS is, you might just have holes of “nothing” in it.

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